These are the best social media tools with direct Instagram video scheduling

After years of waiting, Instagram finally opened its API to allow direct video scheduling to business profiles late last year.

This is huge news. Now, social media managers can post Instagram videos to their accounts without worrying about a "smartphone workaround" or manually posting them.

However, not all social media management tools have added support for Instagram direct video posting yet, and some are still advertising Instagram video posting while still requiring use of the smartphone workaround.

But don't fret. In this article, we've rounded up all of the social media tools that support direct Instagram video scheduling. Use this list when shopping for a new Instagram management tool in 2019—trust us, it'll save you a ton of time.

Social Report — the original direct Instagram video scheduling tool

Social Report is the origional direct Instagram video scheduling tool

Social Report is the first social media management tool to support direct Instagram video scheduling—so don't worry, we've had time to get the kinks worked out.

In Social Report, Instagram video scheduling is simple: just make a new social media post in Social Report, upload your video of choice, and click publish. Then, we'll handle the rest and you can get back to more important tasks.

It's really that easy!

But we don't stop at direct Instagram video scheduling. We also offer direct image scheduling, a nifty built-in image editor, full-fledged Instagram analytics and reporting, and an awesome grid preview feature.

Social Report has excellent Instagram reporting tools too


So not only can you directly schedule video and image posts, you can pull in-depth reports to track your engagement and growth to find what you're doing right and what you can change, giving you the most value for your posts.

We don't stop at Instagram though. We have support for all major (and not-so-major) social networks, so you can publish to and report on your entire marketing setup—all you have to do is connect all of your social accounts.

If this sounds good with you (it probably does 😉) you can try Social Report risk-free for 30 days. Just sign up for any one of our three plans for a free trial!

Pricing: $49/mo, $99/mo, $199/mo

Hopper — a new player to the Instagram scheduling game

Hopper just added direct Instagram video scheduling 

Hopper also recently added direct Instagram video scheduling to its platform. Like Social Report, just create a new social post in Hopper, attach a video, and you can post it right to Instagram.

We also like Hopper's "phone preview" feature for Instagram. You can use this to view new posts in the context of your Instagram feed on an iPhone screen, and ensure that all content is on-brand and works with your feed.

But Hopper can still be hard sell.

There's no analytics tools, so you'll need another tool to track your social media progress. This is disappointing considering the base price for Hopper is $19 for three accounts: one Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

On top of this, Hopper doesn't have access to the official Instagram API. Instead, it uses "virtual Android phones" to post your posts for you. This opens the app up to security and privacy issues—not something your clients will love.

Pricing: Dependent on how many accounts; starts at $19/mo for 3 accounts

Sprout Social — an enterprise Instagram video scheduling tool

Sprout Social is a direct Instagram video scheduling tool for enterprises 

Sprout Social is an enterprise-grade social media management tool.

You can use it to post to all of your social networks, and directly post single image and video posts to Instagram.

Additionally, Sprout Social has reporting and analytics tools for all supported networks and a smart inbox that you can use to reply to new comments and mentions.

But do beware of its pricing: the tool starts at a whopping $199 per month per user, so it's not cheap if you have a large team with multiple clients.

Pricing: $99/mo/user, $149/mo/user, and $249/mo/user

HootSuite — a classic with direct video scheduling

HootSuite recently added direct Instagram video scheduling

HootSuite is another veteran of the social media management space. Not only does it offer direct video posting to Instagram, it can pull reports and manage your social for over 30 supported social networks.

Unfortunately though, the HootSuite experience is starting to feel a bit dated. Its user interface and its menus can be hard to navigate, so keep this in mind before you settle on HootSuite.

Pricing: $29/mo, $129/mo, $599/mo

Later — an Instagram-only direct scheduling tool

Later has direct Instagram video scheduling tools

Later is a solid direct Instagram video scheduling tool.

It offers direct Instagram scheduling for videos and photos, and other nifty features like a Stories maker that lets you build Instagram Stories on the web and a decent reporting tool.

But here's the thing: Later has only has Instagram reporting tools.

This means that need to pull your Facebook, Twitter, and other social network stats from another tool, and then marge them with your Later stats by combining PDFs. This can take valuable time and make your reports look wonky.

Pricing: $0/mo (no direct video posting), $9/mo, $19/mo, $29/mo, $49/mo

Bottom line

And there you have it: the top direct Instagram video scheduling tools for 2019. Make sure to fully assess each option and weigh which features are the most important to you and your clients. After all, you don't want to have to scramble to find a new solution at the last minute.

Need a great social media tool with direct Instagram video scheduling? Try Social Report.