There's no doubt that Instagram is the place to be for social media marketers. 

After all, it's proven itself as a super valuable social network for nearly all industries, giving companies more reach and a higher return on investment when compared to other social networks.

On top of that, we've also seen video become a more and more important part of social media strategy. And Instagram has taken note, adding new features like IGTV and direct video scheduling to its platform.

Wait... did we just say 'direct video scheduling'!?!

Yup, we sure did! Instagram opened its video scheduling API to a handful of social media management tools late last year. This makes it easier than ever to schedule video content to the platform without having to touch a smartphone.

If you're on the hunt for an Instagram video scheduler, we've got you covered. Because in this article, we'll show you the best Instagram scheduling tools for 2019.

Note that only a handful of these tools have support for direct video scheduling since the feature is still pretty new. So because of this, we've included tools with direct video scheduling as well as tools that require the "smartphone workaround" in this piece.

Sound cool? Let's jump in!

1. Social Report

Use Social Report to direct schedule Instagram videos

Okay, okay... we picked ourselves first. It sounds cheesy, but after testing all the alternatives, we're confident that you'll love us too.

Social Report is the first social media management tool to support direct Instagram video scheduling, so we've had time to get all the kinks worked out.

Scheduling a video to the platform is simple: just make a new social media post in Social Report, upload your video of choice, and click publish. We'll handle the rest, and you can rest easy.

It's that easy!

Further, we also offer direct image scheduling, a built-in image editor, full-fledged Instagram analytics and reporting, and even an awesome grid preview feature.

Pulling reports with Social Report

This means that not only can you directly schedule video and image posts, but you can pull in-depth reports to track your engagement and growth to find what you're doing right and what you can change, giving you the most value for your posts.

Oh, and we don't stop at Instagram. We have support for all major social networks, so you can publish to and report on your entire marketing suite with ease—just connect all of your social accounts and you're good to go.

If this sounds good with you—and let's be real, it probably does 😉—you can try Social Report risk-free for 30 days. Just sign up for any one of our three plans for a free trial!

2. ViralTag

ViralTag is a newer Instagram scheduling tool 

ViralTag is a neat Instagram tool that puts visuals first. When you schedule your content to social networks, it's added to the tool's beautiful visual content calendar.

One of the best parts of this calendar is that you can drag and drop posts around to reschedule it. This means it's easy to mix up your posts and keep things interesting on the fly—nice.

But despite being visual-forward, the tool does not support direct Instagram scheduling for video or images. You'll have to go through the mobile app each time you want to publish, so make sure its other features outweigh this major con.

3. Buffer

Buffer is a full-featured social media tool

Buffer is a household name in the social media world, and for a good reason. It's a solid social media management tool with good Instagram support.

It has support for direct Instagram publishing for video and images, so just make a post, upload your media, and publish it. Thankfully, the only thing you'll need to use the dreaded smartphone workaround for is multi-image posts.

But here's the thing: Buffer just added reporting features to its platform in the past year, and they're not as full-featured as some of its competitors.

Buffer only reports on a limited number of metrics, so tread lightly if you need to send regular reports to your clients.

4. Hootsuite

HootSuite has decent Instagram video publishing tools 

HootSuite is another veteran of the social media management space. It has a full suite of scheduling and analytics tools that agencies can use for all of their clients, so you're covered no matter the social network.

HootSuite also supports Instagram direct video scheduling, so you can set-and-forget your Instagram posts without touching a smartphone.

Unfortunately though, the HootSuite experience is starting to feel a bit dated. Its user interface and its menus can be hard to navigate, so keep this in mind before you settle on HootSuite.

Pricing: $29/mo, $129/mo, $599/mo

5. Zoho Social 

Zoho Social may not be your best bet for Instagram video scheduling

Zoho Social is a newcomer to the social media management scene, but it's a solid tool for social media publishing and reporting. Unfortunately, though, it's lackluster when it comes to Instagram video scheduling.

Zoho Social does have direct scheduling for images, but not video. Like HootSuite, this means you'll have to finalize your Zoho Social Instagram video posts by hand through the mobile app, giving you some major headaches along the way.

6. Sendible

Sendible is a great Instagram video tool 

Another Instagram video scheduling tool to consider is Sendible. The tool lets you schedule videos to a wide range of social networks and has support for direct scheduling both Instagram videos and images.

The app has a limited set of social media reporting tools too—but they're not as full-fledged as others on the list. For example, you can only pull a limited number of reports per month, making the tool a tough sell for larger firms with lots of clients.

7. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is an enterprise Instagram tool

Sprout Social is an enterprise-grade social media management tool. You can use it to post to all of your social networks, and directly post single image posts to Instagram. For video, however, you'll need to use the smartphone workaround for all posts until further notice.

As far as other Instagram features go, Sprout Social has reporting and analytics tools for Instagram and you can reply to new comments from the tool's smart inbox.

Just beware of its pricing: the tool starts at a whopping $199 per month per user, so it's not cheap if you have a large team with multiple clients.

8. Later

 Later is a solid Instagram posting tool

Later is another solid Instagram scheduling tool. Like Social Report, it offers direct Instagram scheduling for videos and photos, as well as a nifty Stories maker that lets you build and publish to Instagram Stories from the web.

The tool also has a reporting suite that lets you track your Instagram growth. But here's the kicker: the tool only works with Instagram.

This means that you'll have to pull your Facebook, Twitter, and other social network stats from another tool, and then merge them with Later. This can be a disaster when sharing with your clients as graphs will look different—so agencies may want to look elsewhere.

9. Agorapulse

Agorapulse has solid Instagram integreation

Agorapulse is a collaboration-focused social media scheduling tool. You can schedule posts to major social networks (including Instagram, of course) and invite your team members to collaborate on posts and respond to customer inquiries. 

It has great Instagram support too. You can direct schedule Instagram videos and images from the dashboard, but note that it doesn't have other standout features like grid previews.

10. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar recently added Instagram support 

MeetEdgar added Instagram support to its tool a few weeks ago. This social media management tool lets you post to social networks using a calendar that's sorted by content type—for example, you could have content groups named "guides", "videos", and "photos".

The tool will automatically post these at alternating times, so you'll never bore your audience with too much similar content. This makes posting content easy across all social networks, but has one major roadblock for Instagram users: you need to use the smartphone workaround.

Yep, all Instagram posts must be finalized in the MeetEdgar mobile app. This makes posting videos and images to Instagram a struggle on MeetEdgar, especially if you handle multiple accounts for different clients.

On top of this, the tool doesn't have any reporting features, so you need to use a separate Instagram tool to track your growth and other important stats.

Bottom line

So there you have it: the top ten Instagram video scheduling tools for 2019.

Use these awesome tools to bring video to your Instagram account. Each of them make it easier to schedule Instagram videos and plan out your posting schedule.

In the comments, let us know what tool is your favorite! We're excited to hear from you.

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