Here's how to grow your Pinterest account

So your brand has finally bit the bullet and  joined Pinterest—congratulations! You're officially on the social network with the highest return-on-investment, so get ready to reap the rewards.

"Wait a sec", you think... "where are the rewards and ROI?!" After all, you're posting new Pins daily, but no one is interacting with your content!

But hold up—don't get discouraged yet!

If you're new to Pinterest, chances are you're faced with relatively slow growth in the beginning. It's totally normal at the beginning, so worry not.

New Pinterest users have to take special care to market themselves properly, use ads, and even perform a few Pinterest growth hacks in order to get their content in front of the right audience and grow their audience through both organic and paid reach.

So in this article, we'll show you 6 awesome ways to grow your Instagram audience. These tips will help jumpstart your Pinterest account, and ensure that it's in good shape for 2019. 

First thing's first: claim your website on Pinterest

Before you do anything else: make sure to claim your website on Pinterest.

This gives you access to more in-depth Pinterest analytics, and places your profile picture next to Pins that come from your site—no matter who posts them. This makes your Pins look legit, building trust with your followers.

Claiming your website is simple:

  • Log into Pinterest and navigate to the settings menu at the upper right-hand corner of the screen
  • Click Confirm website option in the website field
  • Follow the on-screen instructions; you'll be prompted to verify by uploading an HTML file to your server or adding a meta tag to your website's header

Make sure your imagery is polished

Here's another non-optional step: make sure your images are polished!

All images you post to Pinterest should be crisp, fit the network's size requirements, and be otherwise aesthetically pleasing. Bonus points if you work with a designer or photographer to make high-quality original content. 

Embrace Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins are definitely worth the investment 

Pinterest launched Promoted Pins in 2014, and revamped them in 2018.

Unlike other social media ads, Promoted Pins blend into pinboards and search results. They appear as standard pins with only a small "Promoted by [Brand Name]" icon to differentiate them from standard Pins. See the photo above for an example.

We like this because Promoted Pins blend in with standard Pins and are not forced upon users. Because of this, Pinterest boasts that 73% of users actually find Promoted Pins useful when looking for new products to purchase.

But are they worth your investment?

A million times: yes!

Promoted Pins average $2 in profit per $1 spent, a number that converts to a whopping $4.30 in gross retail revenue per dollar spent. Pinterest also notes that Promoted Pins outperform the overall marketing average by 45% (both digital and offline), making it one of the best investments in paid reach.

Want to learn more about Pinterest ads? Check out our in-depth guide. 

Add new Pins every darn day 

Information from Piqora shows that it's best to Pin 3 or more times per day.

To find this info, Piqora surveyed prestigious brands like Wayfair, Zales, L.L. Bean, Ikea, Lowe's, Whole Foods, Meijer, and Macy's. Most of the brands surveyed posted somewhere between 3 and 10 times per day.

Engagement started to drop off when brands moved past the 10 Pin per day mark, find your sweet-spot and stick with it. 

Check out our guide on how often to post to all the major social networks.

Use different Rich Pin types

 Use Rich Pins to make better, more informative Pins
Image via Pinterest

Recently, Pinterest has introduced Rich Pins.

These Pins let you include extra information about your product, app, or article right inside the Pin, giving your readers a sneak peak at the link they're about to click on.

Even cooler, Rich Pins are updated in real-time, so you never have to update Pins to reflect a price cut.

Currently, Pinterest has four different kinds of Rich Pins:

  1. App Pins these Pins are used to promote mobile apps and include an 
  2. Recipe Pins can be used to promote recipes. They include ingredients, cooking times and serving info in an easy-to-read format.
  3. Article Pins are used to share articles. These Pins include headlines, authors, and a description story, giving readers a sneak-peak at your article. Think of it like a link preview on Facebook.
  4. Product Pins use these Pins to promote products and services. They include pricing and a direct link to your product alongside an image of the product.

Wanna use Rich Pins? Just fill out a quick application on Pinterest's website, and you'll be on your way in no time.

Join Pinterest group boards


Facebook groups may be all the rage, but did you know that Pinterest has its own version of groups, too?

Pinterest Group Boards are a great way to grow your Pinterest following and find new boards to follow.

Essentially, these are crowdsourced Pinterest that invited Pinners can contribute too—all you need is an invite from the group board's owner.

When you're first starting out, find groups that fit your niche and reach out to the board owner—chances are you'll be accepted if you're a good fit. Then, contribute your best Pins and reap the benefits of an increased Pinterest network.

However, not all Pinterest group boards are worth joining.

Most group boards are dumping grounds for random Pins, and won't actually give you more engagement.

So with that in mind, only join high-quality group boards in your niche. Specifically, prioritize boards with a low amount of contributors and a high number of followers.

Not sure what Pinterest groups to join? Use this search engine.

Bottom line

And there you have it: 6 tips to grow your Pinterest account in 2019.

In the comments, let us know how you plan to grow your brand's Pinterest account in the new year. We're all ears, and may include the best answers in a future piece!

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