It's no secret that influencer marketing is one most important trends of 2018.

For a quick refresher: influencer marketing is when a brand and a person with a large social following partner to produce branded content. The creator is generally paid for these partnerships, and the brand gets trust and increased brand awareness in return.

But finding an influencer to work with is harder than you think—especially for smaller brands.

Generally, brands reach out to influencers individually, a time consuming and often unfruitful task. Thankfully, the Influencers Collaboration Facebook group is here to change that.

This 20,000-member group brings marketers and influencers together. Brands are free to post links to their products and place open calls for influencers. Then, influencers can respond if they're interested in partnering. It's as easy as that!

In this article, we'll show you what Instagram Influencers Collaboration did right to become the place for influencers and brands to meet and partner. Use their right-doings to improve or build your own Facebook group for maximum engagement and return.

Let's check it out!

Fulfills an industry need

The group fulfills a real need

Like discussed earlier, there aren't many good places for brands and smaller influencers to meet. Facebook is rumored to roll out its own influencer marketplace over the coming months, but even so, it's supposed to be geared towards big brands and influencers with huge audiences.

But Instagram Influencers Collaboration takes a different stance.

There are no fees or requirements to join the group, so companies and influencers of any size can post. This opens a new world of opportunities to influencers and companies of all sizes, giving even the smallest brands access to a huge network of influencers.

Set posting format

There is a standardized post formaton in the group

One of the best parts of Instagram Influencers Collaboration is that all posts share the same post format. This is incredibly useful for the group as calls for influencers are posted to the group multiple times a day. Without some sort of format, the group would be hard to read and confusing for influencers.

Clearly stated rules

All group rules are clearly listed on the group


Let's face it: every Group needs a set of rules.

Thanfully, Instagram Influencers Collaboration has an extensive and well-respected list of rules that are enforced by group's admin. The rules are pretty simple: stick to the post template, don't self-promote or spam, and keep the conversation on topic.

The group's rules are listed on the group's Announcements page. Make sure your group has a list of rules too—we promise it'll save you and your moderators a ton of time.

Checks for legitimacy at the door

The group has a verification check when joining

When you join Instagram Influencers Collaboration, the group asks for your Instagram username. This is so that the admins can verify that you're a real brand or influencer, and not a spam bot.

Your brand should ask some verification questions before accepting new members too. This keeps your group clean and lets you filter out bots and spammers, saving your moderation staff a ton of time.

And that's a wrap!

And there you have it: what Instagram Influencers Collaboration does right to upkeep an engaged, 20,000 member strong Facebook group. We publish Groups Spotlights weekly, so tell us your favorite Facebook Groups on this post in the Social Report group—maybe we'll feature it here!

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