How can your brand use Instagram Stories' question stickers?

Earlier this week, Instagram rolled out question stickers to Instagram Stories. This sticker lets you add an "ask me anything" button to your Stories posts. Your audience can tap on the sticker and type a question, and it's sent to your Instagram inbox.

Using the Questions sticker

You can reply to questions and post you responses to your story. When posted, the question appears as it was sent. You can see who asked the question in your inbox, but they're not tagged in the post when you publish your response.

This sticker lives in the same place as other Instagram stickers. Just click on the sticker button at the upper right-hand corner of the Story composer. You can drag it around your Story and change the question text and coloring by tapping on it.

There's no doubt that this feature has a ton of potential for brands. Here's a couple ways that your brand can use the questions Instagram sticker to market your product, increase reach, and engage your Instagram audience. 

Host an influencer

One of the best ways for your brand to use Instagram's question sticker is by inviting an influencer to answer questions with your brand. Have the influencer announce the Q&A on their social profile, but host it on yours. Then, let your influencer pick and respond to questions during the session.

This is great for two reason: one, you get to feed off of your influencer's social following and two, your influencer increases your brand's reputation. After all, if they're a trusted figure in your industry and are promoting your product, others in your industry will follow their lead.

Host a Q&A with your CEO

Want to keep your Q&A internal? Host one with your CEO or other public figure in your company. Like with influencers, announce the Q&A a few days ahead of time and have your CEO pick and answer questions during a certain time period. Open the floor to product, industry, or other questions. 

This works especially well if your CEO or other figure is active on social media and has a personal brand built around the company. Chances are they're well-respected if they do, and your audience wants to hear their insights on industry trends.

Bonus points: pair your Q&A with a Facebook Live broadcast

Pair your Instagram Q&A session with a Facebook Live broadcast. Read the question off to your influencer and have them respond on camera. Then, write down the answer and publish it to your Story for those that can't join the video feed.

This makes your Q&A a little more personable and exciting. Further, it gives your audience a reason to log on during the actual Q&A and not just view the questions and answers later, further increasing engagement. 

Bottom line

It's great to see Instagram add new features to Stories. Instagram Stories have been on the rise since its launch last year, so it's more important than ever for your brand to be active on them. On Twitter, let us know what you think of the new questions sticker.

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