This Facebook group brings marketers together

Facebook groups are a great way to grow your blog or online publication. It builds a community around your site, creates conversation around your blog posts, and puts your content in front of a new set of eyes. Better yet, it skirts around Facebook's algorithm change that hurt publications last year.

One great example of a blog doing Facebook groups right is Digital Marketing Hub by Digital Defynd. This is a group for digital marketers to share their knowledge and discuss the latest social media and SEO blog posts on the Digital Defynd blog.

In this article, we'll show you what we like about the Digital Marketing Hub Facebook group. Use these tips to better optimize your Facebook group and grow its following. 

Plainly laid out rules

All Digital Marketing Hub rules are plainly laid out

Rules are important to any Facebook group. Without them, your moderators have no ground to remove a post or ban a group member. Luckily, Facebook recently added a "group rules" module to Facebook pages, giving groups an easier place to list their code of conduct. 

The Digital Marketing Hub Facebook group has a slim—but important—set of rules. These rules ensure that all content stays on-topic and that the group is free of spam. For example, the group's rules explicitly prohibit self-promotion.

We recommend that you list rules to your Facebook group too. This can save you and your moderators a major headache when deciding whether or not to remove a post or ban a user.

Moderators post relevant news

A moderator posts social media news

Digital Marketing Hub group keeps its members informed of major social media news. Even though the blog doesn't cover social media news, its moderators post breaking news to the group. This makes it easy for group members to stay informed and facilitate discussion, further increasing the group's engagement numbers.

Relevant pinned post

The group has a relevent pinned post

Digital Marketing Hub always keeps a blog post pinned to the top of the group. This puts the post in front of more eyes and in turn, drives traffic to the post. Consider doing the same in your Facebook group; pin whatever post you're trying to promote, and all group members will see it. 

Admins are mentors

A Digital Marketing Hub admin being a mentor

Digital Marketing Hub's administrators act as mentors to the group. Admins post about what it's like to be a digital marketer and even respond to questions posted by its members. This lets its readers know that they're in good hands and makes the group more valuable to members. 

Start your own group

Digital Defynd's Digital Marketing Hub group is a great example of Facebook groups done right. Keep what the group does well in mind when creating a Facebook group for your blog, and chances are you'll see increased readership in due time. 

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