Snapchat Update 2018

This week in social news is all about Snapchat. The company is secretly working on a a full-fledged developer toolkit, and announced audio-triggered filters. The developer toolkit is a big deal as it finally gives third-party apps a way to interact with Snapchat and may let Snapchat users use their Snapchat logins on other websites. 

Let's dive in and take a look at Snapchat's wild news week!

Snapchat reportedly building Snapkit, its new developer toolkit

TechCrunch reports that Snapchat is in the midst of creating Snapkit, its first full-fledged Snapchat developer kit. As noted earlier, this developer kit will reportedly allow developers to add "sign-in with Snapchat" buttons to apps and integrate the Snapchat camera and Bitmoji into third-party apps. 

Details beyond this are not yet known because Snap hasn't officially confirmed Snapkit's existence. However, TechCrunch reports that Snap is already in talks with a number of developers, so we should see a few apps with Snapchat integration before too long. 

Snapkit will massively grow Snapchat's reach. Snapchat hasn't been the victim of any major cyberattacks and only collects limited information about its users, so Snapchat users may be more inclined to use Snapchat for logins over Facebook or Twitter. 

Further, Snapchat licensing its powerful camera and AR features to third-parties shouldn't be taken lightly. Developers may be able to use Snapchat as the backbone of AR applications, photography apps, and potentially even messaging services. Only time will tell.  

Audio-triggered filters and lenses come to Snapchat

On the consumer side, Snapchat officially added audio-triggered filters to the app this week. Unlike traditional Snapchat filters, audio-triggered filters respond to ambient noise instead of just visual cues. 

Snapchat's first audio-triggered Lens is pretty basic: make a sound and the virtual ears on your head glow relative to the noise level. We're hopeful that future audio filters and lenses will be more in-depth and interactive, but this is a cool first look nevertheless. See it in action in the embedded Tweet above.

Snap's first audio-triggered filter is available now in Snapchat.

And that's a wrap!

And there you have it: this week's biggest Snapchat news stories. We think that Snapkit will make huge waves in the social media space this year, and are excited to see more audio-triggered filters and lenses be added to the app. 

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