Multiple Posting Schedules Have Arrived

As of today, Social Report users can rejoice knowing they now have the ability to set up not one, not two, but as many posting schedules as needed for their projects in Social Report. But wait—what exactly is a posting schedule and why would anyone want to have more than one in play? Let's dive in.

What is a posting schedule?

posting schedule is a feature that allows you to set up specific time slots on certain days, so that your content is published according to your own custom schedule.

Users can save a lot of time each week by using posting schedules because your created content can be inserted into a queue and then automatically scheduled on the next available time slot indicated in your schedule.

Simple put, Social Report's posting schedules allow you to save a ton of time by putting the scheduling and publishing of your content on autopilot. Even more, using multiple posting schedules can help ensure different types of content are all delivered most effectively.

The benefits of multiple posting schedules

Of course, not all types of content are going to be perfect fit for the same posting schedule. This is where multiple posting schedules come in handy.

Let's say you're managing social media for a brand that runs daily content posts as well as promotions and sales every other week. By setting up two posting schedules for each types of content, you'll be able to ensure that your daily content is scheduled accordingly by simply adding it to its daily queue, while your promotional and sales posts are also scheduled accordingly in their own bi-weekly queue.

In addition to multiple posting schedules helping your create and organize preferred times for specific types of content, you'll also be able to set up specific schedules to serve individual social media platforms. For example, a schedule that published Facebook posts three times a day, as well as a second schedule that posts to Twitter five times a day and third schedule that posts to LinkedIn on a bi-weekly basis.

Last but not least, multiple post schedules are awesome for serving your content syndication and evergreen posting needs—allowing you set up unique schedules separate from your more hands-on content creation posts.

So, let's start saving you some time

Ready to set up your first posting schedule (or two) and reap the benefits of putting your content publishing on autopilot?

Check out our written walkthrough on creating posting schedules in Social Report or watch the quick tutorial video below with our customer satisfaction guru, Reggie.

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