LinkedIn Update 2018

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Before we jump in, we'd like to start by saying that our commitment to delivering our clients the best possible features related to managing of their social profiles is absolute. You don't see it on Twitter or Instagram or outward-facing social media platforms, but our team spends endless hours scouring each network systems and documentation in search of finding features and functionalities that our users can benefit from.

More often than not, this process results in discovering overlooked features that can be used to bolster social media presence and then wowing our customers by implementing them long before other tools on the market have even discovered them.

At the same time, we occasionally find new updates and changes to existing platforms and features that no longer support once existing features that our users know and love. When this happens, our goal is to ensure the best possible transition and, if at all possible, still trying to find the most creative and ingenious ways of preserving as much functionality as possible.

Which Brings Us to LinkedIn's Most Recent API Update

LinkedIn has been evolving for quite some time—both as a social platform as well as the platform to support innovation. In the past year, they have revamped and improved their Company Page integration to enable platforms such as Social Report to deliver more value to our users with more and more powerful features around analytics, scheduling of content and ad management.

But It's Not All Good News...

LinkedIn has thought long and hard about what to do with LinkedIn Groups and Personal Profiles.

The reality is, LinkedIn Groups have been a source of a lot of pain for LinkedIn. While the value of groups is very clear, implications to privacy and spam are quite severe.

And at this point in time, LinkedIn has completely closed off groups to all partners and integrators.

LinkedIn Personal profiles are also a very delicate part of LinkedIn operation. Offsetting privacy concerns with desire by integrators such as Social Report to build awesome features is something that requires very delicate handling.

Why Would LinkedIn Take Away This Feature?

Recent scandals such as Cambridge Analytica has brought to light inherent risk with allowing integrators to pull data from networks. This is one of the reasons LinkedIn has decided to limit access to personal profiles,This means that tools can no longer deliver analytics with exception of connection growth to our users. Things like connection demographics, content performance are now off limits to all.

Still, We Have Some Good News

Even though access to personal profiles has been severely restricted we have decided to make the best out of it. Through working with LinkedIn Private API team we have determined that we will be able to continue offering our users direct scheduling to their LinkedIn personal profiles. It also appears that LinkedIn team is fully committed to continue to support this part of their system!

This enables us to preserve all of our scheduling features with no loss of functionality to our users. So, if you have scheduled content or if you are planning on scheduling to LinkedIn personal profiles—have no fear. They will continue to publish per your schedule.

One of These Days...

While this update is less than favorable for all social media management platforms and their users, LinkedIn's API team did announced that they are not completely ruling out their desire to make analytics possible for personal profiles.

This means that it is quite likely that the reporting aspect of personal profile management will one day make a comeback and be available to partnering platforms like ours.

Until then, keep on scheduling awesome posts to your LinkedIn profiles and be on the lookout for further updates to LinkedIn features here on our blog and via our weekly newsletter. Thank you all!