Top Social Media Tools for Digital Marketing Agencies 2018

Now that more and more businesses have become reliant on their online business presence, social media platforms have become the battleground for conducting business, building relationships and advertising products and services.

Fortunately for digital marketing agencies who are in charge of their clients' online brand presence, several tools exist to help them with their job. Below are the top 10 social media tools designed to help digital marketers advertise their clients more effectively.

1. Social Report


Social Report is a fantastic and affordable all-in-one social media management tool that enables you to manage a wide array of social media profiles all in one place—making scheduling, analytics and monitoring 10x easier. Social Report also offers features such as social automations, smart social inbox, and conversion tracking.

2. Constant Contact 


Constant Contact is a marketing platform that provides a full suite of business marketing tools such as email, social media, surveys and events. Digital marketing agencies can take advantage of these features to offer vouchers to potential clients as well as capture data.

3. Moz 


This feature-packed SEO tool provides a wealth of useful features for digital marketing agencies. From site audits, to keyword ranking, looking at website success or failures (with the help of metrics and data) can be a breeze through the help of Moz.

4. Venngage


If you not a graphic designer, this tool is intended to make infographics a lot easier and faster to create. Whether you need an infographic, a stunning reports or cool social media visuals, Venngage's customizable templates will help you become a design wiz in a few clicks.

5. Unsplash 


While having high-quality content is very important, providing wonderful images is just as crucial. Unsplash provides a database of high-resolution, great images that you can use to accompany your posts. Each image is properly tagged so you can search for the most appropriate image for your post.

6. Canva


Producing beautiful visuals to catch the attention of your audience is pretty common for digital marketing agencies if they want their clients to increase brand visibility. This can be a challenge if you do not have a creative bone in your body or you're battling creative exhaustion recently. Canva provides a plethora of design tools, tutorials, templates and more so their users can produce almost any visual they want. 

7. Animoto 


Animoto is another media editing tool that focuses on videos. With the big 3, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, sharing an affinity for videos, it's a given that agencies that don't adapt to it and are unable to create stunning marketing videos are at a serious disadvantage.

8. Nimble


As your client list grows, a powerful CRM is necessary to automate data management. It automatically syncs your team's Google Apps or Office 365 email, calendars, contacts, and social interactions to give you the most accurate and updated information. 

9. Marin 


If your agency runs social media ad campaigns, then this bid management tool will be useful for you. It provides a range of features that promises to increase your ROI by 30% as compared to native tools. One of its cool features is called auto-split which helps micro-segment your audience and optimize your budget to give you the best value for money spent.

10. Post Planner 


Planning your entire social media calendar can be a pain especially if you want to consistently post fresh content to your social profiles. This is where Post Planner comes in. It includes an intuitive post-scheduling tool to guarantee that the most effective content is posted at the right times allowing social media marketers to post as efficiently as possible.


Running a digital marketing agency means managing a work load multiplied by 10 or by how many clients you have at the time. While the more clients the better, this means that you need to multi-task and wear multiple hats all the time. Having these tools at your disposal will not only make your job easier, but it will also remove a good deal of pressure in trying to beat your clients' competitors.