8 Powerful Twitter Tricks

Twitter publishes an average of 6,000 tweets per second from its entire userbase, which means users get bombarded with a ton of information on their newsfeeds. If you’re using the social media platform, you may be thinking how you can stand out from the crowd.

From analytics to advanced search options, Twitter’s numerous features are hiding in plain sight eager for you to take advantage of them. Although you might use the social media platform daily, you’ll be surprised by how much you’re leaving off the table by ignoring some of its features.

Whether you use the social media channel for personal or professional reasons, these 8 powerful Twitter tricks can help you to step up your Twitter game and let you stand out among the sea of tweets.

1. Get to know your audience

A great way to increase your tweets' performance is to share content that your followers find valuable and interesting. To do this, you must learn about your audience. Luckily, Twitter’s analytics provide a wealth of information about your followers including their gender, interests, occupation, and financial information.

Twitter Demographics

Source: Marketing Staircase

These statistics can help you tailor content for your core audience, while staying true to your industry. If your Twitter account focuses on tech, and you find that most of your followers are interested in "Leadership," perhaps you can share content about great technology CEOs. Some social media management platforms, like Social Report, can provide you more in-depth information about you audience, such as your most active or most influential followers. You can combine information from Social Report and Twitter analytics to create different topic combinations to see which type of content speaks to your followers best.

2. Get metrics for every tweet

Twitter provide basic stats about your tweets like comments, retweets, and likes. However, if you need advance statistics like engagement and impressions, you can find them using the Tweet Activity View.

To go to Tweet Activity view, simply click the bar chart icon below a tweet. 

Tweet Analytics

Souce: Yoast

Similar to this example from Yoast, tweet activity shows you how a certain tweet performs. Use this data to see which posts that do well and those that don't, so you can focus on tweets that perform.  

3. Create a Twitter List

A Twitter list lets you conveniently organize people into groups. You can put together a group of influencers, industry experts, family members, and more.

To create a list, visit your profile and click create a list. Once you name the list and add a short description, you can choose to designate it list as private or public. To add people on the list, visit their profile and click the person icon drop-down where you will be given an option to add or remove from a list.

Twitter List

Source: Mashable

There are a lot of ways to utilize Twitter's list feature. For example, you can use it to create a list of experts in your industry to give you a snapshot of what they are talking about. Use this information to create or retweet engaging content for your followers. Note that you can follow lists created by other people or add people to a list without following them.

4. Promote your Tweet

Once you determine tweets with a potential for great engagement, you can showcase it to a much wider audience by promoting. In the Tweet Activity View, there is an option to "Promote your Tweet." Click on it and you will be presented with options to choose a target location and budget. Fill those out and you will be given an estimated reach for your promotion. Promoting a tweet isn't for everyone, but a business owner or influencer looking to reach a wider audience can benefit from advertising.

Twitter Ad

Example of a promoted tweet. Source: Ad Espresso

Note that advertising your top performing tweets can cost you less since Twitter’s algorithm rewards content that performs organically. Remember to use Twitter Activity to see metrics for a tweet or visit "Top Tweets" portion of your page’s Analytics to find your best content. 

5. Pin your top tweets

Another way to get more eyes on your top tweets is by pinning them to the top of you profile. This helps people see your best tweets when they visit your page.

To pin a post on your profile, click the dropdown arrow on any tweet and select pin to you profile page.

Pin Tweet

Source: Lilach Bullock

Pinning posts can be used to promote anything from your best blog features, information about your new product or services, or your website. Remember to only pin your best tweets to keep your audience's eyes on the right content. If you have new content to promote, simply unpin a tweet from you profile page. 

6. Find old tweets

Whether you want to take a trip down memory lane or itching to delete an embarrassing tweet from way back, Twitter's advanced search options can help you find old tweets. This feature may sound trivial, but if the Throwback Thursday trend has taught us anything, it’s that nostalgia can be a powerful tool to engage with your audience. 

Although twitter only shows 3,200 tweets in your timeline, you can use its advanced search parameters to find any post from the past.  To search old tweets from a certain timeline, simply type the following on Twitter's Search bar:

from:(handle) since:(from date YYYY-MM-DD) until:(YYYY-MM-DD)

To search for our tweets from January 1 to February 1, 2015, we typed this on the search bar: from:thesocialreport since:2015-01-01 until:2015-02-01. Here are the results:

Old Tweets

You can also find old tweets by doing an advance search. Simply fill out the advanced search filters with your handle in the "from these accounts" textbox under "People." Next, fill out the "from" and "until" menu under "Dates" and hit search.

7. Create Moments

Twitter used to be for quick consumption of a series of short content, but recent changes show that users want more. "Moments" is one of these new features that give you more room for creativity. Twitter’s version of a slideshow can be utilized to narrate a story, show related images, or share a series of tweets.  

Twitter Moments

Source: Twitter

You can create Moments on your desktop, IOS, or Android Device. Simply click on the Moments Tab and select "Create New Moments." You will then be asked to use add a title and a description. In keeping with Twitter tradition, keep your title and description concise but interesting. From there, you can add photos, videos, or tweets. Keep in mind that you can feature other user’s tweets to bring variety to your post. After setting up your Moment, simply share it via a tweet.

8. Analyze data more easily

Twitter makes it easy to brush through your data online and offline. If you're a fan of reviewing metrics and statistics the old-fashion way, simply visit the Tweets tab in the Analytics section and click the "Export Data" option. Twitter will then send you a .CSV file that you can print out.

Twitter Comparison Metrics

Comparing Twitter Activity across three accounts using Social Report

If you handle multiple Twitter accounts, you won't be able to compare data side by side. Instead, you can look into social media management tools like Social Report to compare metrics across your Twitter accounts and create custom reports that suit your needs.


Whether you are a business owner, an influencer, or someone simply looking to get more engagement on your tweets, use these often ignored but powerful tools to step up your Twitter game.

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