Sean Standberry of Lyfe Marketing

At this very moment, there are more brands and companies attempting to leverage and grow their business through social media than ever before. To no surprise, this increasingly large amount of brands sending out consumer-targeted posts, tweets, pins and stories bring with them a lot of clutter and noise—making it difficult for the companies that provide awesome goods and services to actually reach their audience.

In an effort to showcase the folks that are cutting through the noise and deliver real value on social media, Social Report has put together an ongoing interview series that profiles our favorite social media management agencies and firms—the ones that are working to tirelessly make big things happen for their clients.

We're excited to announce that this week's interview features Sean Standberry, CEO and Cofounder of Lyfe Marketing. Sean and his marketing agency are social media management experts, SEO strategists and avid Social Report users with an unrivaled commitment to growing each and every one of their 200+ clientele's businesses. Let's jump into it and see how they're doing it.

Hey Sean! Let’s start off easy. What kind of business is Lyfe Marketing?

We help businesses grow. We are a digital marketing agency known for our expertise in SMM and SEO.

Lyfe Marketing

When did you guys first launch and where are you currently based?

We launched our company December 27, 2011 and are based in downtown Atlanta, GA.

This one might not be so easy. Can you describe the company using one word?

Growth. We are always seeking growth for ourselves, clients and company.

Which kind of clients does Lyfe Marketing currently work with? Do you guys have a niche?

We work with companies of all shapes and sizes, although typically they are small businesses with less than 10 million in revenue or less than 100 employees. We worked with clients and nearly every industry and major market.

"In general, we love to work with some businesses who are pushing the envelope and leveraging technology."

Let’s say you can have one dream client (Amazon, Coca Cola...even a dog-walking startup or local bakery that kicks ass). What would the Lyfe go for?

I am sure you would get different answers depending on who you ask at our agency, but I would love to work with a small business with a vision for a technology enhanced experience, like a virtual reality bar/restaurant. In general, we love to work with some businesses who are pushing the envelope and leveraging technology.

What’s your favorite thing about working in the digital era right now?

Honestly, this isn’t an attractive answer, but my favorite thing right now is the cost to advertise online. Digital marketing is 10x more effective in some cases and generally less expense than traditional advertising. It brings us a ton of satisfaction to help companies beat their competitors using online strategies while their competitors spend more money on costly traditional ads.

What about the toughest part, or biggest misconception, about working in the digital era right?

The toughest part would be convincing the average small business owner that digital marketing takes time. Reasonably SMBs want to see results quickly, and that can happen, but in most cases it takes time to build fans, engagement, target audience and traffic before you really see things take off. Everyone wants to go viral and have hundreds of thousands of fans in the first 12 months, but sometimes it takes more time.

You guys have been using Social Report (full disclosure: our social media management platform) for about a year and a half now. How would you say the platform has helped your business?

It has helped us a save a ton of time and made our campaigns more effective. Before using Social Report, we would use Hootsuite which has similar functionality, but did not have a nice reporting side, so we had to use another platform to generate reports. With Social Report we are able to use one dashboard for everything which makes things a lot easier when you are dealing with 200+ clients. There seems to be a lot of great companies doing digital marketing and social media right these days.


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Which accounts to you guys currently love following/drawing inspiration from?

@Oreo, @Starbucks, @GaryVee, @Skittles, @Bevel, @Hubspot

Alright, we made it—last one. If you could give just one piece of advice to brands and companies looking to step up their digital game in 2018, what would it be?

There is never a silver bullet to digital marketing and the platforms are always evolving. My biggest advice to companies would be to try many different tests and make good decisions based on reliable data.

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To find out more about Lyfe Marketing and what they can do for you, check out their website. You can also stay up to date with Sean and the crew via their TwitterFacebook and Instagram. Thanks, Sean!