The_Ultimate Guide To Snapchat Ads For Businesses

Are you considering Snapchat to strengthen your brand? It is easy to see why businesses have taken interest in marketing their brands on Snapchat. The platform has amassed around 166 million highly engaged users and companies should be tapping into that market because of the huge marketing opportunity.

We know how crucial it is for social media marketers to know which platform is the best one to run their social media campaigns. In this guide, we will be sharing with you reasons why you should focus on Snapchat and ways to use it for your business. 

Why Snapchat?

If your target market matches with the platform's core demographic, then you're on the right path to success. Currently, 86% of Snapchat's users from the U.S. fall into the 13 to 34 age range and they successfully reach about 41% of those aged 18-34 daily.

It's also considered the fastest-growing social network and has established itself as a vital part of global marketing strategies. Media Science's research proved that Snapchat video ads are statistically similar to Television ads. They found out that it could command significantly more visual attention than in-feeds of Facebook and Instagram.


Visual Attention of Snapchat Ads
Source: Snapchat

What Are Snapchat Ads?

It is a short video advertisement uploaded on the platform that only lasts for 10 seconds. Users are given the option to include a link to a specific website or an app install page if they want to provide their viewers more information about a certain product or service. This feature is mostly used by brands who want to increase their engagement with their fans and get more people to use their application.

These ads can appear between User Stories, Live and Discover.

  • Ads in User Stories
    Snap Ads found between user stories are similar to commercials found on Television. The only difference is that they can be skipped and viewers can simply move along to watch the next story.
  • Ads in Live
    These are advertisements promoted through live events streamed on the platform. Live has been certainly successful in grabbing the attention of brands who want to advertise on Snapchat as it often receives millions of views per video.
  • Ads in Discover
    Discover is where you can find the most popular or trending publishers on the platform. Cosmopolitan has reported that its channel gets an average of 19 million views per month. This marketing opportunity provides brands a great avenue to get brand recognition and better exposure.

Lenses are one of the reasons why users get so addicted to Snapchat. The assortment of filters, stickers, and lenses allows publishers to customize their videos. It encourages User-Generated Content because it allows users to play around with the special effects, especially sponsored lenses in the menu making it easy for them to share and upload their pictures online.

Here's a good example:


What Are Snapchat Geofilters?

Geofilter is a feature people use to share their location by adding overlays to their videos or Snaps. Basically, it allows Snapchat users to use special filters when sharing their photos and videos in certain locations. Here’s a Snapchat statistic that might convince you to invest on the platform: A sponsored geofilter typically reaches around 40 to 60% of users living in the United States. If you’re specifically targeting that demographic, you can use this feature to drive brand affinity and more foot traffic to your physical store.

Ways To Advertise On Snapchat

  1. Live stream your event.

    You can use Snapchat to give your followers access to live events. You can use it when you have new products to promote or when you have exciting updates to share about your company. You can also use this if you want to show them what's going on behind the scenes to let them know what your company is all about.
  2. Provide Special Content.

    Special content is exclusive information only given to your followers on Snapchat. Luxury brand like Michael Kors have used the platform to debut their new collection. Delivering content to each of your followers makes your audience feel like they belong to a community. It also attracts more users to register on the network and follow your social media profile on Snapchat.
  3. Offer promotions.

    One of the ways to keep your followers coming back for more is to offer them rewards and perks on Snapchat. This can vary from discount codes and digital vouchers to tangible prizes and free products. By giving your followers exclusive deals online will encourage interaction between brands and consumers. It is also a way for brands to show their personality through the snaps.

How To Use Snapchat Ad Manager

Back then, if you wanted to create an ad on Snapchat, you would have to go through their ad partners. Now you can easily create an ad with Snapchat Ad Manager.

Step 1: Curate Content for your Snapchat Ad

First, go to Dashboard and click “New Campaign”. You should know what you want to achieve so you can choose the right objective for your ad. Then under “Schedule” select how long you want your campaign to run on the platform.

Step 2: Identify Target Audience and Budget

To make sure your campaign will be shown to the right market, you need to do audience targeting.

  • Geography – Choose a specific location to run your campaign. While you can select multiple locations, you will only be allowed to run one country for every ad set.
  • Demographics – Use a social media management tool that can help you identify the right people for your campaign because you will be asked to enter the age and genders of the audience you are targeting in this section.

Step 3: Create and Design your Snapchat Ad

Click “New Creative” to design your Snapchat ad. You must choose one among the four ad types:

  1. Top Snap Only

    – If you only want to attract views for your ad, choose Top Snap Only. It’s a video uploaded on the platform without any swipe-up action.
  2. Web View

    – If your objective is to increase traffic to your website or a landing page, this ad type will allow you to add a video with swipe-up action.
  3. App Install

    – This allows companies to direct their followers to an app install page. This type encourages Snapchat users to download the application and check their product out.
  4. Long Form Video

    – This allows brands to tease their fans with a video commercial that will direct them to a longer version of the ad.

Step 4: Check the Performance of your Ad

After Snapchat approves your ad, the next step would be to check how your campaign is performing on the platform. You can see the important metrics on the dashboard, but it may take a little while to understand, especially if you are not familiar with marketing terms on social media. You can learn more about the different metrics on Snapchat by checking out this helpful metrics glossary

Now that we’ve got everything covered, we hope that these tips will help your brand when marketing or running campaigns on Snapchat.

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