How To Use Twitters Like Feature

In 2015, Twitter officially removed the Favorites button from their platform and replaced it with a Likes button. The Favorites button was distinctive to Twitter and was often misunderstood. Twitter felt the star that represented the Favorites button could be confusing. and initial testing for the hearts button associated with Likes showed it was being used more often. You may Like a tweet to show appreciation for it, to bookmark that tweet, to try and get someone to follow you, and more.

Here is everything you need to know about using Twitter's Like feature:

Liking A Tweet On Twitter

To like a tweet on Twitter, simply look for the heart-shaped icon directly underneath the tweet itself (it will be located in between the retweet and direct message buttons). Click on the heart, and you're done! You will know once you have liked a tweet as the heart-shaped icon will turn red, like in the example below. In addition to being able to like a tweet from your timeline, you can also do so from any account's profile page and a tweet's permalink page.

How To Like A Tweet On Twitter

If you accidentally liked a tweet and want to undo that like - no problem - just click on the heart-shaped icon to undo the like.

Locating Tweets You & Others Have Liked

Twitter basically keeps an ongoing bookmark of all tweets a user has liked.  This can be especially useful if you liked a tweet and want to come back later that day or another day to find that tweet, without trying to remember who sent the tweet out and then locating it. Or if you're just curious what others on Twitter are liking - and then from there you can easily retweet or like those tweets.

To do this, simply click on anyone's Twitter profile and click on Likes. Twitter will show you how many tweets that user has liked, and then you'll see all liked tweets in chronological order. 

How To See Tweets You Have Liked

Liking A Moment On Twitter

The Moments tab on Twitter contains a list of curated stories showcasing the best of what's happening on Twitter that day. In addition to viewing the best of that days Moments, you can also view Moments based on news, sports, entertainment, and fun. Just like you can like a tweet on Twitter, you can like a Moment, although the process is a tad different.

To like a Moment on Twitter on your desktop, simply click on the Moments tab, then click on any of the Moments. You will then see Like and Tweet buttons. Once you click the Like button, it will change to Liked and will be a blue color. If you liked a Moment by accident, you can click Liked and your action will be undone.

How To Like A Twitter Moment

If you are using the Twitter app on your mobile device and want to like a Moment, from a Moment cover, click the liked icon, which in this case is the same heart-shaped icon you see when liking tweets.