Can Social Media Tools Overcome Your Agency’s Marketing Challenges?

Helping your client’s develop the effective social media marketing campaign needed to grow in a competitive market is among the greatest challenges facing 21st century marketing agencies. The rapid rise of swiftly evolving social media platforms adds dozens of challenges, from unique posting requirements to collecting and analyzing the thousands of generated data points. That is where automated social media tools come into play – when utilized properly they can save hours of work and minimize the stresses involved in developing the most effective advertisements possible. Here are some of the ways they can help your agency succeed.


Craft the Content Your Client Needs on Every Platform

When an individual logs onto a social media platform, they do so with the intent of having certain needs fulfilled. Facebook for connecting with friends and family, Instagram sharing images, and so on and so forth. The right tool will enable you to tailor your advertisements to best approach the specific challenges and opportunities each platform brings to the table.

The perfect tool will be platform agnostic, enable you to access a wide variety of social media sites from a single interface and collect feedback and usage analytics through the same portal. This will eliminate the need for you to have dedicated teams monitoring each platform and focus your resources on developing quality advertising content for your clients.


Measuring the Return on Investment (ROI)

The ideal tool will monitor every component of your social media campaign from comments and views to the number of new clients each specific post creates, like what you attempt to do by viewing statistics from a dozen different sites. A well-managed campaign will generate thousands of data points, making it vital that the tool you use is capable of collating this information into an easy to understand report.

The more data you have the easier it is to determine what works for your unique campaign. By leveraging a specialized social media campaign monitoring tool, you will be able to swiftly provide the information your client’s needs to make certain they are happy with the campaign you have developed for them.


Keep Your Client’s Budget in Check

By monitoring the effectiveness of your campaign in real time you will be able to spot ineffective cost sinks, by which we mean costly advertisements that do not bring in clients, well before they have the opportunity to sink the agreed upon budget. Some programs even alert you when situation situations, which you determine in advance, occur. When leveraged judiciously, this will ensure that your clients get what they need without breaking the bank.


Know How Many People to Staff

Knowing how many people is needed to handle a specific client can be a challenge, especially when you are targeting multiple platforms. Social media tools reduces the need for administrative overhead, enabling you to start off with a small team and grow organically to meet the needs of the client without having to renegotiate compensation. The best programs will keep track of what worked in the past, enabling you to collect data over the near and long terms that will inform you as to what to expect with each campaign.

The end result is an improved understanding of the costs each campaign will bring, the people required, and how to price yourself accordingly.


Moving Forward

Social media management software is an essential component with modern marketing, especially for agencies making the transition from traditional to what was once called “new media.” When chosen carefully, this software will be able to minimize cost, maximize performance, and simplify metrics monitoring. Considering the benefits – can you truly say that it is a good idea to run a modern agency without some software running in the background?