Five Things to Keep in Mind before You Hit Publish for Your Next Blog Article

Creating an effective blog article requires a great deal of forethought, research, and editing that takes a great deal longer than simply typing out whatever pops into your head. Here are some the components you should always focus on when creating your next feature article on your personal or business blog.

Tweets with images, for example, generate 3x as much engagement as those without – and tweets with gifs can generate 6x as much.

Adding a gif to your tweet can help it generate up to 6x more engagement than text alone.

Amazing Imagery

"A picture tells a thousand words." This saying is becoming more and more important as readers start to demand greater inclusion of rich media in articles and websites. A well-placed image not only improves the text flow, it also greatly increases the likelihood of it being shared through social media. According to BuzzSumo, blogs with effective use of images experience a sharing ratio nearly twice that of their plain brethren.


Focus on the Headline

In the news world, there is a common metric known as the reverse pyramid. At the top of the pyramid, the very beginning of the article or blog, sits the most important information. This is the one part you know readers are going to notice. Make certain it reflects the most important concept of the article and gives them a reason to continue reading. Forming several drafts of the headline is not uncommon for professional blogs and news services. However, the top of the pyramid extends beyond the headers in the digital world.


Prepare the Preview

When a reader shares an article they are not transmitting the whole thing to their friends and family. A generated blurb and graphic are distributed in its stead. When you craft an article that is published on several popular platforms you are given an opportunity to determine which graphics and text are shown. Consider this an opportunity to provide a synopsis of the piece and entice readers to continue onwards to the article proper. As with the headline, don’t be afraid to revise and revise and revise again. Like Rome, your article wasn’t built in a day.


Know How You Will Promote and Distribute the Article

Simply announcing the blog’s existence on social media is not guaranteed to bring in the traffic your site needs. You need to have a promotion plan for both short-term and long-term distribution in place before you even create the article. This involves the utilization of social media to create status updates the advertise previews of the article and references it in the future. It is also vitally important that you take the opportunity to “shout out” anyone or any group you have mentioned in the post, to leverage their social media presence to your benefit.


Bring Your Audience In

Your work with the blog post is not ended after you hit submit. A well-advertised blog hosted on a frequented site will attract attention and potential comments. Make a point to interact with your readers in order to both create an environment conducive to civilized conversation and to discover potential inspirations for future pieces.

This also provides you with the rare opportunity to develop a loyal reader base by actively engaging with those most interested in your particular niche. When done properly, you will create a fan base that seeks you out by name. Just remember that this is a continuous process that will hit its rough spots and ground swells with equal likelihood.


These are just a few of the things you should have in the back of your mind when developing your blogging strategy. As you gain experience you will discover tricks and tips that work specifically in your situation and none other. Like any other worthwhile endeavor, this is a journey that will teach you a great deal with each passing day.