Better Business Blogging with the Help of Your Team

Blogging has become one of the greatest ways for companies to reach out to consumers. By the same token, it can also be one of the most time consuming and stressful forms of communication to cultivate. Here are some things to consider when it is time to build your blogging team.


Use Engaging Topics to Spur Interest

New writers often procrastinate due to a lack of knowing how to start. A good way to handle this is to assign engaging topics that match their experiences or work with them in brainstorming sessions. The goal is to empower them to approach each new task with the certainty that they have the freedom, experience, and talent needed to do it right.


Add Incentives for Quality Work

Create a welcoming work environment for your writers in order to ensure that their needs as professional are met. Flexible work hours, incentive bonuses, and even rewards like gift cards can be used to provide your writers with the extra push they need to succeed.

This is especially true with flexible hours, since their lives and creative potentials may not revolve around a traditional 9-to-5 work experience. Sit down with your team to discover which incentives are right for your company.


Promote Creativity Among Your Writers

A boring or bad topic will almost always result in subpar work. Discover tasks that fuels their passions and will make them proud to include it in their portfolios. A good way to handle this is to structure the process in accordance with their input, taking into account both their needs and industry standards. This may result in you discovering that they are exceptionally talented in a profitable literary niche that you hadn’t considered in the past.


Always Communicate One-on-One

We are a society of self-conscious people unfamiliar with sharing their passions in front of large groups. Eliminate this issue by having one-on-one discussions with each individual team member. This will show you care, and nip any project issues in the bud.

It can also serve as a way to discover what motivates each individual to perform at his or her maximum potential. Who knows – casual Friday may need to be extended to every day of the week!


Mentoring is Key

No one is a master of a subject or field when they first start out. Understand that every new writer brings a unique mix of talents and experiences that may not initially line up with your needs. Work with the writer to correct this issues, using agreed upon metrics to ensure growth and support.

Just make certain that you approach this as a positive. Many people starting will fear failure, and consider mentoring a sign of weakness.


Support Their Professional Development

With ample communication, freedom, and mentoring you should be well on your way to developing an effective blogging team. All of these process will merge together over the coming months and years to provide a seamless workflow that enables you and your team to identify potential avenues for growth. Take advantage of this, both for potential new revenue streams and in improving the quality of content produced by your team. Who knows, that novice blogger you hired may be the perfect individual to handle you social media efforts.


Show Results

Allow current and past work to show how your team has progressed over time. Make a point to instill a sense of team pride for being able to create engaging content over a variety of topics that have proven to be financial successes. Metrics to showcase include: comments, views, shares, and general editing issues. By showing them how far they have come, your team will be motivated to deliver a steady stream of high quality content for your blogging business.



It’s possible to use your team to meet the content needs of your website. In addition to giving your employees an opportunity for personal and professional growth, you can also boost morale. Your new writers will need to be encouraged, coached and have a clear incentive in order to help you with business blogging.

With more experience, your bloggers will deliver a steady stream of content for your website. And since these blog articles will have different perspectives, your content should be more interesting and engaging to your target audience as well.