What Is The Best Kind Of Content To Recycle

Content recycling is something you must incorporate into your overall social media strategy. What is content recycling? Taking amazing content you've already written and reposting it multiple times on your social networks. Why is content recycling so important? The main benefits are to get your content seen by more of your followers and to drive more traffic to your website. For other benefits, check out our blog post on "The Benefits of Recycling Content on Social Media". Now that we've got the benefits covered, lets dive into the best kind of content to recycle:

1. Existing Content. Look through all of the blogs, articles, and social media posts you have written in the past. Does the content still offer value and apply today? Then it's perfect for recycling. It doesn't matter if the content is 6 months old, or even a year old. Some content is timeless and your new followers haven't seen it yet, so it's still got a lot of juice left in it. Obviously content that is time-sensitive or contains outdated stats isn't fit to be recycled, but anything that is still on point and trending within your specific niche or industry should be reused, otherwise you're leaving a lot of potential engagement and website traffic on the table.

2. Customer Service Materials. Not only is customer service an extremely important component of any business, but it should also be an important component of your content strategy. If you aren't the person interacting directly with your customers, than make it a point to spend some time with that person each month, as you'll be amazed by the amount of interesting and useful information you can write about as a result. Information gathered from customers can be incorporated into FAQs, quick tips, to fix or expand parts of your existing content that may be confusing (take the hint if you're getting the same questions time and time again), and so much more. If one customer has a question, chances are many do, making this content perfect for recycling.

3. Infographics. The benefits of infographics are never ending. Not only do they stand out on your news feed, but they get shared more than any other kind of content, they improve SEO (more engagement and website traffic), and they can even increase your brand awareness and reach! There are plenty of free tools out there for creating infographics, such as Canva Infographic Maker, Vizualize, and Piktochart. And you can repurpose your own blog posts into infographics, just like The Creative Introvert did with this blog on "7 Steps to turn a blog post into an infographic"...

4. Presentations & Ebooks. Not only can you transform your existing content into infographics, but you can also transform it into presentations and ebooks. If you have content that is statistic-driven, or contains actionable advice, then it's rather easy to break that down into slides that basically serve as a recap of the content, making it a quick and easy read for your followers. You can create slides using programs like Canva, Prezi, or PowerPoint, and then upload them to sites like SlideShare for additional engagement opportunities. And if you have multiple blog posts or articles on a specific subject, say Real Estate Marketing, why not turn them into an ebook and present yourself as an authority on the subject to your niche? Here is a great resource to follow on how to write an ebook to ensure yours is a major success!

5. Video Series & Podcasts. Lets face it...not all of your followers want to read content. Some of them prefer to listen to or watch it on their way to work or in their down time. According to Animoto, 4X as many consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it and 25% of consumers will lose interest in a company if they don't have video. So why not create a video series or podcast to appeal to those followers, and ensure your content is reaching as many of them as possible? If you've written a particularly helpful blog series, turning it into an engaging video series or podcast opens up a whole new avenue for you to reach your followers, and recycling it ensures it will be seen across multiple time zones.