Simple Tips For Optimizing Your Facebook Business Page

It's important you give your Facebook Business Page the same attention you do your company website and ensure it's properly optimized so you can leverage it to its fullest potential. Your Facebook Business Page is basically a second home page for your company and for many of your customers, it's the first interaction they will have with your company. Here are some simple tips to implement to ensure you're getting the most you can out of this amazing marketing opportunity:

1. Choose a page name that is search-friendly: It is absolutely critical you select a name for your Facebook Business Page that is easy for customers to find, preferably your company name. This isn't the time to stuff your page name with generic keywords, so stick to the basics. Not only will that make it difficult for customers to find your page, it's a red flag that your page could be spam.

2. Customize your Facebook Business Page URL: A custom vanity URL is another method to ensure your page will be easy to find. You should match the custom vanity URL with the name of your page and company to strengthen brand recognition. You can customize your vanity URL by clicking on "About" on the left hand side of your page and under the "General" section click "Edit" next to "Username".

3. Fill out your About section in its entirety with useful information: Click on "About" on the left hand side of your page then "Edit Page Info" to fill out your profile. Making sure you have a valid website, phone number, email address, and if applicable, address, is critical to having a successfully optimized Facebook Business Page. Also take full advantage of the "Description" section to explain what your business does and if applicable, enter your business hours. Many customers will go to your Facebook Business Page versus your website to obtain this information.

4. Keep profile and cover photos up to date to reinforce branding: Your cover photo is the most prominent image on your Facebook Business Page, so it needs to be high resolution and match up with your brand's style. Here's a good example:

Easy Lunch Boxes has a simple and clean profile photo, and their cover photo displays their product perfectly, showing multiple examples of it, and emphasizing one of the main benefits of the product, which is being able to pack lunches fast. Put a lot of thought into what first impression you want customers to have when visiting your Facebook Business Page and plan your profile and cover photos accordingly.

5. Include a relevant call-to-action button: Facebook now places a lot of emphasis on the call-to-action button on Business Pages. It is located directly below the cover photo and is really can't miss it. Here's a good example of a compelling call-to-action button:

Tough Mudder is a recognized name, has a great cover photo enticing you to want to sign up for one of their events, and their call-to-action button is a Sign Up button leading directly to a sign up page on their website. You can go a lot of routes with the call-to-action button, including sign up, contact us, shop now, watch video, amongst others, and you can easily add a call-to-action by clicking the blue "+ Add a Button" button on the top of your Facebook Business Page.

6. Customize your Facebook tabs. Your Facebook Business Page comes with some standard tabs on the left hand side, such as Posts, Videos, About, and Events. But you also have the ability to create custom tabs to enhance the experience of your customers, similar to what Tesla has done:

Facebook has a developers guide for creating page tabs, or you can use apps such as TabSite or Woobox.

7. Pin important posts you want your customers to see to the top of your page. Facebook Business Pages have a cool feature that lets you pin posts to the top of your page, thus increasing the exposure they get with your customers. To pin a post, click on the arrow in the upper right hand corner of the post and the very first option you will see says "Pin to Top of Page". If you're running any contests, promotions, or have an upcoming event, those make for ideal posts to pin to your page.