Social Media Content Calendar

The content calendar within Social Report is the cornerstone of the Publishing section. This is where you go to schedule posts and view all of the posts you have scheduled for any given day, week, or month. The content calendar neatly lays out which posts are awaiting review prior to being scheduled, which posts are scheduled and waiting to go out to your social networks, and which posts have been published to your social networks. If you use content groups, all of the posts are also color coded based on the content group they belong to. Here's an example:

But what is the thought process behind using a social media content calendar? Hinge Marketing gives some solid reasons:

  • You save time by using a social media content calendar as you know in advance what, if any, research is needed for upcoming posts and you can plan accordingly. You avoid scrambling at the last minute for post ideas because you can always refer to your calendar to see when your next posts are due.
  • Organization is probably the biggest reason to use a social media content calendar, especially if you are using content groups within your Social Report account to group your posts. Using a calendar allows you to stay organized across all of your social networks as you always have a formal record of your posts right in front of you to review.
  • Using a social media content calendar makes it easy for you to keep your posts on point with any marketing campaigns, promotions, events, etc. you are running. If you are running a promotion, for example, Social Report even has a feature where you can set a post as a recurring post, meaning it will automatically repost on whatever recurring schedule you set so it runs in conjunction with the promotion you're executing.
  • Being relevant is one of the most important factors of any social media strategy. By planning out your posts on a social media content calendar, you can get feedback from your team members on the content and brainstorming can take place so if any adjustments are needed, they can quickly and easily be made by simply clicking on the content on your calendar before the posts are published to your social networks.
  • If you use a posting schedule in conjunction with the social media content calendar, you can build consistency and your most dedicated followers will learn to know when to look for your posts on their favorite social networks, which builds credibility over time. This will also help increase the engagement you receive on your posts.

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