When Is The Best Time To Post On Social Media

If you do a Google search for "the best time to post on social media", you're going to get hit with results with dozens and dozens of infographics showing what each of those bloggers believe is the absolute best time. And chances are each is going to have something different to say. But how do you know if that is the best time for your brand? The truth is, you don't. Only the data from your own social media networks can tell you when is the best time to post.

And those infographics certainly aren't delivering that. But your Social Report account is. The second you connect your social media networks to Social Report, we begin collecting data so we can give you in-depth reporting that tells you not only the best days to post on social media, but the best time of the day to post on social media. This alleviates the pain of one of the more daunting tasks a social media manager faces during the course of his or her day. Here is a sample of those optimization reports:

Best Days to Post

Clearly Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days of the week of these social media accounts. So that eliminates the guess work and allows you to focus in your marketing and gear your busiest posting days to the days you are getting the most engagement from your audience. Taking it a step further, Social Report drills down and tells you what your best hours of the day are:

Best Hours to Post

For these social media accounts, the most engagement is coming at 8 am, noon, 2-4 pm, 7 pm and 11 pm, making it extremely easy for you to set up your posting schedule around those hours to truly maximize upon them.

If you aren't familiar with the posting schedule feature, what it allows you to do is for each day of the week, enter in the specific times you want to be posting to your social media networks, and then as you are scheduling posts, instead of publishing them instantly, you add them to your queue, and Social Report automatically assigns them to the next open slot on your posting schedule, thus ensuring your social media networks always have fresh content and that you're maximizing on your best times to post to social media.

Social Report Post Scheduler

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